Saturday, January 16, 2010


Baby band. Just starting up, but I think they have a lot of potential! I just feel very envious of their talents. I discovered them from the WassabiProductions youtube videoo.. cuz they sent Alex and Roi some BAND SHIRTS! This band of young guys has a mellow sound and rockin beats. Not even out of high school yet. These guys will be someone I follow from now on~

They are a group that could be on radio soon, just if they are discovered..

Their bio from Myspace:
Dancell, formed in the early part of 2008, is an alternative rock band based out of Jacksonville, Florida.With the average age of the group being 18, Dancell somehow manages to possess an innate ability for songwriting, which is demonstrated in the band's early demos.While the songs are catchy and melody driven, the messages themselves are very sincere and thoughtful. Another tool in the band's arsenal are their live performances. Being known for high energy and sweat drenched performances, Dancell always aims to bring a good time when performing. With an abundance of potential, keep a close eye on Dancell, as they make their way into the music industry.

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